Saturday, March 15, 2008

Donate for Terry Pratchett

Boing Boing contains all that is good and true in the internets, or at least much that is interesting. This morning I found a link to the Zombie Apocalypse blog (why does everyone else have such cool blog titles and mine sucks? Hmm, I think that's my fault), which is encouraging everyone to donate to Alzheimer's research in order to match a donation Pratchett made himself.

Go here to donate. I just did--just 1 pound (why does my keyboard not have the pound sign?)--which is about $2. Even I can afford that, and I'm out of a job right now.

I'm wondering when the funny fantasy anthologies are going to start coming out in honor of Pratchett, with proceeds going to Alzheimer's research. I want to buy them.

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