Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leave my eee alone

As you may know, I have an Asus eee PC, an adorable and remarkably tiny laptop that I got last November when they first came out. I love it, and since it only weighs two pounds I drag it around with me everywhere. This sometimes causes problems.

My temp job ended last Friday, so I'm semi-unemployed at the moment until I pick up another job. I took advantage of the time off today to go to Panera (which I hate, but it's close) to write. I was typing away, finally getting some words down, when everyone in the WHOLE FREAKING PLACE decided to come comment on my laptop and ask the usual questions. I finally gave up and left.

I feel like I should get some cards printed up to give out, something like: "It's an Asus eee PC. It's a real computer. It runs Linux, has excellent wifi capability, has no moving parts, and only weighs about two pounds. I highly recommend it. I bought mine from but you can probably get yours at Best Buy. They come in pastel colors now as well as black or white. Mine cost $400 but they have cheaper and more expensive models available now. If you have any other questions, please visit the official website at I am trying to work." I don't think it'd help, but if Asus wants to give me a commission I'll damn well try it.

Anyway, I came home and decided to finish the revisions to Jack of All Trades. That means I need to introduce a new character, who needs his own chapter. Then I need to partially rewrite the next-to-last chapter and do some other minor adjustments. Then I think this puppy will be done, and hopefully I'll have nudged it up to a novel wordcount too.

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