Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's an interesting interview with Nancy Fulda, the creator of, up on Bloggasm. I hope I do not need to remind you, dear reader, that I have stories available at AnthologyBuilder myself. I do really like the service. Not only do I have those stories available, but I've bought one anthology already and have discovered lots of great stories I wouldn't otherwise have read.

J.M. McDermott sent me an awesome prize for being the first to review his book Last Dragon on Amazon. I am now the proud owner of a Last Dragon button. I got all excited in the post office when I realized it had arrived. I'm such a fangirl. Anyway, I meant to review Last Dragon in the blog and forgot, so you'll have to make do with my Amazon review. I'm terrible at Amazon reviews, but I mean well. You definitely should buy the book and read it!

In other news, I totally smushed one of my cats in the door by accident this evening. I didn't even realize she was there when I closed the door, and it went thump on the cat instead of closing. So I had to coax her out from under a chair, where she had retreated with a shocked and betrayed expression on her face, and cuddle her and make sure nothing was broken. She's okay, but I feel terrible, especially since just last week I was walking into a room just as she was running out, and she ran into my foot and did the retreat-under-a-chair-looking-shocked-and-betrayed thing. Apparently she thought I'd kicked her on purpose. Angel, I swear it was an accident! You can sleep on the feather pillow tonight, and I won't complain if you decide to lie down on my arm while I'm typing!

Incidentally, if this post has no paragraphs, it's not my fault! It looks fine in preview!

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J m mcdermott said...

I'm glad the button arrived intact and wearable!

Remember: do not put the pointy end in your eye. It goes in your lapel. Not your eye.

They reall ought to come with warning labels on the back, you know.