Saturday, March 8, 2008

I heart books

It didn't snow today after all--well, it snowed, but the snow just melted into the drought-stricken soil, I guess--so I drove into Knoxville for the big library book sale. I thought it started at eight, but either I wrote the time down wrong or they delayed it an hour due to the weather, because it actually opened at nine. So I wasn't late despite sleeping till 7:30!

I only bought one bag of books, which cost me $3, but I got a lot in that one bag. In addition to a Ruth Rendell hardback I got for Mom, and three paperbacks I picked up on the way out to turn in for trade credit at the local used book store, I got:

paperbacks of McCaffrey's Dragonsong and Dragonsinger (I looked for Dragondrums but couldn't find it)
two Agatha Christie paperbacks (Hickory Dickory Dock and The Mirror Crack'd)
one Sayers paperback I didn't already have (Have His Carcase)
a wonderful book about teaching poetry to children, called Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? by Kenneth Koch--trade paperback
trade paperbacks of Bill Bryson's Neither Here Nor There and The Mother Tongue (the latter of which I swear I already have a copy of, but I can't find it so maybe not)
a library edition of City of Bones by Martha Wells--I keep saying I don't like that book, but I keep wanting to reread it, so I guess I do actually like it
some horse books--Jessie Haas's Keeping Barney and Margaret Pitcairn Strachan's Mystery of Blue Barn Stables, both library hardbacks
hardback of Barbara Paul's The Apostrophe Thief
hardback of Daniel Pinkwater's The Education of Robert Nifkin
hardback of Harry and the Sea Serpent by Gahan Wilson, The Haunting by Margaret Mahy, and The Twilight of Magic by Hugh Lofting, all because they looked interesting
hardback of Dorp Dead by Julia Cunningham because I remembered my brother reading it in junior high and I never read it myself, although I meant to
trade paperback of Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian, just in case I like it
paperback I think I've read before, Sarah the Dragon Lady by Martha Bennett Stiles

Yeah. I got all those into one single plastic grocery bag. I am good.

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