Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Mood

Grumpiness abounds at my house. My paycheck came, which ought to have delighted me--and did, this morning, when I checked my bank balance and saw that I could, you know, buy gas this morning instead of hoping I had enough in the tank to get me to work.

But this evening has been a series of irritations calculated to send me into a tizzy of annoyance. First I couldn't find my bank's routing number when I was trying to pay bills over the phone. Then I realized I'm still out of stamps. Then I went to Walmart (bleah) to get money orders and a few groceries; I got the money orders (and was annoyed that that particular Walmart doesn't sell stamps), but the cat litter I always buy has not been restocked after over a week and they were out of skim milk in half-gallon jugs. What the hell? I thought about running out to the Clinton post office to buy stamps from their machine (because our local post office doesn't have a stamp machine), but decided I can't really justify the gas when I can borrow stamps from Mom tomorrow and replace them this weekend; so that meant I also couldn't justify getting something to eat at the Chinese restaurant also in Clinton. I went to Wendy's instead, and the fries were burnt and so was the burger.

And so on, until I am damn well ready to just go to bed right now and give up. Oh, and You need to fix your damn comments, because they don't work and it is REALLY ANNOYING.

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