Saturday, July 12, 2008

No one remembers poor A.E. Coppard

In thinking up a new title for my blog, since Noisy Typewriter is just stupid, I keep coming back to the poem "Forester's Song" by A.E. Coppard. It contains the lines:

There are thorns on yonder mountain,
An olive on the crag,
And I leave a knotted thicket
As a chamber for the stag

It's a lovely little poem and I'd quote the whole thing, but it's not in the public domain yet (I think it was first published in the 1940s).

Would "The Knotted Thicket" be a stupid blog title? I'm not, you know, trying to find a stupid blog title. I just seem to luck into stupidity. I can't think of anything else. I'm terrible at titles, even for blogs.

No one would get the reference, of course. No one reads A.E. Coppard, and those who do happen to read A.E. Coppard probably don't remember this one little poem he wrote about trees. Hell, I don't even read A.E. Coppard. I'm not sure where I found the poem, but I wrote it down years ago and I like it--and more to the point, it's pretty much the only poem I can find that mentions a stag. Well, except John Davidson's "The Runnable Stag," which is about a hunt where in the end the stag throws himself into the sea to drown instead of being caught. That's not really the tone I'm after.

Edit: The old no-paragraphs problem has reared its head again. I think it comes from using the quote function in this case. Hopefully I fixed it.

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