Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature always wins.

I saw Hellboy 2 this afternoon, and when I got home I decided it was high time I mowed the lawn. While I mowed, I thought about what a great premise the movie had and how little it did with it. It's about an elf prince who wants to Destroy All Humans because we keep building parking lots and housing developments in the wilderness places that belong to the fairy folk. Hellboy and his pals have to stop him, but of course the prince has a darn good point, and also the fairy folk don't think Hellboy is ugly. So you'd think Hellboy would spend a little more time thinking this over before beating up the elf prince. Sorry, spoiler there.

So I was thinking about all this, and wondering if I could use the theme myself; and I had just decided that I couldn't, because I was so solidly on the side of nature that I'd have let the elf prince win and kill everyone, when I mowed over a yellow jacket nest.

Stupid nature.

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