Friday, July 25, 2008

Movie anthology

Duotrope reports that Raven Electrick is about to open for another anthology, this one called Cinema Spec. I tried to get into their Sporty Spec antho last year without luck (although I did later sell both stories to Every Day Fiction). This year I've got to get into Cinema Spec. I'm all about movies.

They take reprints, and as it happens I have a story available that fits the theme. At lunch today I opened it up to see if I could trim it down to the requisite 2,000 words. I thought it was 2,200 words or so. Turns out it's 2,750 words.

Hmm. Trim almost a third of the story's length without losing the flow, the plot, or the characterization? A CHALLENGE!

I've gone over the story four times now. It's down to 2,300 words and I'm getting close to the bone. Dammit, I will get this thing down to 2,000.


Cate Gardner said...

Ooh, I'll have to go check that one out.

K.C. Shaw said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Even if I don't get a story in the antho, I'll probably buy a copy.