Thursday, August 7, 2008

Addendum to book one post

I just finished reading Anton Strout's Dead to Me and I liked the second half of the book a lot more than the first half. Also, Strout dropped by yesterday's comment thread and made sad-puppy eyes at me, so now I feel like a heel for praising him with faint damns. I did like the book; it's just not my favorite sub-genre, apparently. I liked the psychometry stuff at the end--that's what I was hoping for during the first part!

Anyway, I think I'll read River Rats next, by Caroline Stevermer. I've been meaning to read it for about a year, even though post-apocalyptic YA isn't my cup of tea either. But I do like Stevermer's other books.


Cate Gardner said...

I just got an 11 book shipment of books from Amazon, though it will probably take me months to read them.

Enjoy your month off.

K.C. Shaw said...

Have fun with your books! I think my order was eight or nine books and I know I won't be able to read them all in the next few weeks, but I'm going to try.