Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I could title it "The Unpantsing"

Well, the rewrite is done (although I'm sure I could have tinkered with it all week and not been completely happy with it) and I've finished rereading Evil Outfitters, Ltd. Now I can go back to reading other people's books.

This weekend I'm going to outline my 3-day novel contest book, tentatively (sigh) titled Hilda and Justice. Because I am terrible with titles, that's why. Anyway, I know pretty much what's going to happen in the book; it's the characters and details that I will have fun with. The plot isn't scintillating, although I did manage to answer all the whys; since three days is too little time to focus on beautiful writing, the characters and details are going to have to knock the judges' socks off. I want them not just sockless, but heck, pantsless too.

Hehehe. I said pantsless.

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