Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So simple a caveman...

I just found this interesting article about Neanderthal DNA via Colleen Lindsay's blog. I can't read stuff like that without turning it around looking for story ideas.

Even if you're not interested in the article, scroll down to the bottom of it where there's a little sidebar thingie comparing Neanderthal Man and Modern Man characteristics. Even if we did live in a Geico commercial, where the possibility would exist of the article being written by a Neanderthal, that sidebar would be a total clue-in that a Modern Man [sic? I mean, we've got Modern Women too] wrote it. Compare the adjectives associated with Neanderthals (heavy, strong, thick-set) with those associated with Moderns (graceful, softer, gracile). I think it was the phrase "graceful chin and jaw" that annoyed me. That is so totally subjective. Species-centric much?

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