Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Bookshelves!

I got home today to find a note from my mom. As a gift for me making my first pro sale, and almost making my first novel sale, she has bought me three bookshelves! They'll be delivered this weekend. They're nice bookshelves too, apparently--oak, and two of them are tall. She bought them at an antique shop, from a booth going out of business, so they'll fit in with all my other furniture (my grandmother was an antique dealer for decades, and in fact co-managed one of the largest and nicest antique malls in the region).

I desperately need bookshelves. At the moment, I only have a stepback that isn't particularly large and a small, ugly set of shelves that leans forward a little, so that I expect it to dump all my Terry Pratchett books on the floor one of these days.

I'm deleriously happy to be getting bookshelves, and Mom's happy because she gets to come over to my house this weekend and help me rearrange my study, one of her greatest joys in life. I may have to move some of my animation posters, but it'll be worth it not to have books stacked all over the place. Maybe I'll borrow Mom's camera and post a picture when the study's all fixed up!


Cate Gardner said...

I insist you post a picture. :)

Plus, how do you get your Mom all excited about helping you out with your study?

K.C. Shaw said...

My mom loves to rearrange furniture and fix up houses. That's why she moves so often--she gets bored fixing up her house and has to get a new one. She's lived in her current (rental) house about three years now and is getting restless, so she's particularly excited about helping me with mine.