Sunday, August 17, 2008

My head's okay, but my hand will fall off now

I must have just been tired last night. This morning I wrote the entire story start to finish, in a few hours. It turned out a little too long, 2300 words, but I can trim that down easily. I'm not sure it's a great story, but it's nice that I wrote something.

I went out for a walk with my MP3 player afterwards, and when I got home all sweaty, I kept the earbuds in while I cleaned dog poop out of the yard and took out the trash. Raccoons or something had gotten into the trash, so I even brought out a big clean bag and managed to cram all the trash into it. Unfortunately, when I pushed the garbage down to get it all in, something stuck out and sliced the back of my fourth finger across the first joint. It didn't hurt that much, but by the time I got the trashcan lid jammed on and clamped down, I was bleeding all over the place.

So I went back inside and washed the cut out carefully and dried it, and dripped blood all over the bathroom, and held a Kleenex over it until it mostly stopped bleeding, and slathered it with antibiotic cream and stuck a Bandaid over it, and then got an ice pack from the freezer because I figured that might help. All while Norah Jones and then Flogging Molly played.

I can still type, obviously. That had me worried. I guess that'll teach me to leave the lid askew on the garbage can.

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