Friday, February 27, 2009

Ranging farther afield

Man, I've hardly read anything this month. I'm only eight books into my read-50-books-this-year reading. That's terrible!

I'm reading Nathalie Mallet's The Princes of the Golden Cage right now, but finding it slow going. I'm about 60 pages in, and how many times does the main character have to realize he has to find out who the real killer is before it's too late? Because he's realized it two or three times at the very least. And so far, nothing much has happened. But much more annoying is the evident lack of copyediting. Does Night Shade Books even know what commas are for? They seem to shove them in pretty much anywhere.

One of the things I like about ordering from Amazon (as opposed to going to the bookstore) is that I'm not limited to the same handful of big publishers that B&N stocks in their fantasy/SF section. I'd never even heard of NSB before I dropped this book in my Amazon cart. One of the books I read recently was published by one of Dorchester's imprints, so I'd never have picked it up in the bookstore since I never enter the romance aisle. I may not like everything I order, but I'm finding an awful lot of good books I'd never had read otherwise. Yay for the internets!


Cate Gardner said...

I picked up an MG book in my local 'WH Smith's' yesterday and the choice there is very limited.

At the moment I'm part-way into 'Return to Luna', 'Arkham Tales' and 'Northern Haunts'... I just can't seem to read at the moment. Maybe today's train journey will help.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Right now I am reading the fastest paced book I think I have ever picked up. I should be done with it by the end of the weekend.

Unknown said...

I am blasting through Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

K.C. Shaw said...

Cate--trains and reading seem to go together.

Jamie--I love fast-paced books. I get so tired of books that draaaag the action out.

Jeremy--I'm embarrassed to say I've never read that one.