Friday, April 15, 2011

We regret to inform you, maybe

I got an email today from a publisher I sent a story to a few weeks ago. The entire contents of the email are as follows:

"Thank you for your submission."

You wouldn't think five words would cause so much consternation. I'm pretty sure this is just a submission confirmation, which is a nicety I always appreciate.

I still feel like there should be more to it. Like maybe the editor was typing it, and her kid started screaming from the next room and the dog started barking and there was a huge, ominous crash, so she hit send without finishing the email. Maybe she meant to write, "Thank you for your submission. We will get back to you with our response within X days/months."

But maybe she meant to write, "Thank you for your submission. We regret to inform you that it's not right for X publication at this time. Also, it sucks."

And maybe she meant to write, "Thank you for your submission. We would like to throw a large wad of cash at you for permission to publish it immediately."

But I don't know. Details, editor, details!


Fox Lee said...

Oh man. Not having the extra sentence(s) would drive me crazy, too!

Cate Gardner said...

OMG! Freak, freak, freak.

K.C. Shaw said...

Natalie--I keep going back to look at the email to see if there's anything I missed. Nope.


Paula RC said...

Maybe she isn't paid by the word count LOL.. Maybe there is another one to follow on which tells you more after they have read your work.

Fingers cross and I wish you lots of of luck

K.C. Shaw said...

Maybe they charge her ten cents for every word she uses. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Wow...that is a head-scratcher. Like we writers aren't neurotic enough already?

K.C. Shaw said...

It's definitely freaking me out.