Monday, February 11, 2008

Anonymous hits the streets!

With everything that happened last week, I totally forgot that there was a call out for protests by Anonymous yesterday. Well, I read about a big one on Boing Boing today, so you should head on over and read about it. Over 300 people showed up for it! I didn't realize Newsweek had picked up the story. Fun fun fun!

I got a reply about the problem with the antho display I posted about yesterday, and the bug is fixed. So in a week or two I should have a nice fat anthology in the mailbox. I already want to make a second one. Considering that my revenue so far from the stories I've sold is still well under a buck, I think I should give the buying part of AnthologyBuilder a rest. At least for a while.

Now I really desperately need to go change TV channels--I don't know what channel I left it on, but it seems to be running an old American Idol, a show I absolutely loathe. I think I'll take Bunny the Miniature Laptop with me, and get into bed and write all evening.

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