Friday, February 15, 2008

oh look, a deer

I got another request for full today, for The Weredeer. Because I cannot possibly mention it enough, you can read a most excellent story about The Weredeer's main character Kristof in the current issue (#5) of Renard's Menagerie. Go on and order it, yes! It compels you to order! Look into my eyyyyyes and order the issue!

I haven't actually gotten my copy yet. But I've read the story! It's good!

Actually, I do seriously adore Kristof more than any other character I've ever written, which is why I'm so completely nuts about driving every single person who reads this blog to run out and buy lots of copies of Renard's Menagerie. Also, isn't that a really awesome magazine title? Yes, it's a furry-themed zine. But not an icky one. Look, just buy your copy so I can quit pestering you, okay?

I spent the entire day filing invoices, during which time I worked out: a short story about a high school teacher who falls in love with a drug czar, the solution to a plot problem in The Weredeer's sequel, the next action-packed sequences in White Rose, the ending to my version of "Rumpelstiltskin," and some possible changes to Jack of All Trades. Words I have actually written today: zero. But I did watch the Transformers DVD tonight, and that movie is seriously full of win. Beautifully cheesy.

The night is young. Ish. I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning, although my dog and cats will insist but then I can go back to bed, so tonight I'll stay up and get some writing done. I did seriously intend to write at lunch, but we had a stupid baked potato bar at work and it's hard to eat a baked potato and type at the same time, particularly when people insist on talking to me too. I do not like to socialize at lunch. Lunch is writing time.

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