Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Business of Writing

I'm still at the stage where I think the business end of writing is fun. Not subbing stories, I don't mean--that's agony and uncertainty rolled into a big boring ball. I like proofing stories that have sold, and returning contracts, and updating my website. I just did all three and I'm feeling pleased with myself.

The story is "Newton the Baker's Boy," which will appear in the Strange Worlds of Lunacy anthology (aka the silly fantasy antho) in April (sponsored by Residential Aliens and CrystalWizard Productions). I'll post a link as soon as it's available, of course. When I got the email with the story proof attached, I didn't realize it was this story. My first thought was, "Oh, God, I have to proof 'Silent Skies,'" which of course is my story forthcoming in Byzarium. It's not that I don't like "Silent Skies," it's just that it's an older story so I've read it a million times, and it's also very long.

I updated my website slightly, to change the silly anthology title and also include the Amazon link to the Desolate Places anthology, which is now available! The cover image isn't up yet, and the editor has indicated that Amazon usually gives a price discount to his volumes but that they haven't done so yet to this one, so you might want to bookmark that page and then buy it when it's updated. My comp copy should arrive next week or so!

I need to revamp my website. That's one thing I don't look forward to doing.

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