Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kat Jaz, Reptiles of the Mind, and Babelfish

I don't know why, but this afternoon I got to thinking about my old zine, "Reptiles of the Mind," which I published monthly for four years because I was crazy and had too much free time back then. What can I say, it was the pre-internet 1990s. I used the pseudonym Kat Jaz--Jazz spelled with only one Z because my fridge magnet letters only came with one Z. Seriously, that was the whole reason why.

So I decided I'd Google "Kat Jaz." And while some zine stuff did come up, most of it was really old, naturally. I did find Zine Wiki, but unfortunately got the message that it's been hacked. If you can help, trot on over there and help.

Mostly what came up, though, was in a foreign language, where jaz seems to be a word often coupled with kat. So I went to Babelfish and typed Kat Jaz in, then realized I didn't know what language I was looking at. But I did learn that if you say "kat jaz" in Portuguese, you're saying "Kat Lies." Which is really similar to "Katy Lied," an excellent album and song by Steely Dan. And I really like that album (and song). It's all connected, man.


Neural said...

I have a stack of (mostly) yellow covered half-page size poetry magazines sitting in front of me right now. Issue #1 (white cover paper) was printed on February 2nd, 1992. The last issue I ever got was issue 13, printed in July 1993.
I've held on to these all these years because you were kind enough to print some of my work in them.
I don't remember when I lost contact with you, or why (I certainly can understand if you got upset with me for some reason, I was prone to losing friends back in those days) :(

Anyway, the short of it goes something like this: HI!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I found you, and how wonderful it is that you are still writing!!!

K.C. Shaw said...

That's wonderful! I'm glad you're still around and I hope you're still writing too! I was terrible back then about keeping in touch with people, not because I didn't want to, but because I just forgot to write. Things are a lot easier now with twitter and blogs and facebook and so forth. :)