Sunday, August 24, 2008

In training--and bookshelves!

My shelves have been delivered and they're stacked with all the books that were stacked on the floor and in the ugly old shelves and on any flat surface. Still lots of room for more books! It looks like a library in here with the massive oak shelves, although the anime/animation posters lighten the tone just a little. No pictures yet because Mom forgot to bring her camera; she did get a few pictures of my new haircut, but I decline to post them because I look like trailer trash.

Anyway, from now until next Saturday morning, I'm in training for the 3-day novel contest. I will go to bed at 9:30 sharp, get up at six, and eat a green vegetable every night along with supper. No caffeine except maybe tea in the mornings. My house is clean, I changed the sheets on the bed and washed my favorite nightgown, and in a few minutes I'm going to put the finishing touches on my outline.

I am serene. I am ready. I am not wondering why the fark I paid to write a novel in three days.


Cate Gardner said...

Oh, I couldn't do a novel in 3 days without plenty of caffeine.

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm just cutting the caffeine out this week. Come Saturday morning, it's as much caffeine as I need!