Monday, January 21, 2008

And three!

Cue music: "Tomorrow Comes Today" by Gorillaz. I've sold another story, which makes three sales in two days!

This one is a reprint of "Trompe L'Oeil," which appeared in Staffs & Starships #1 last summer and netted me my first two reviews, both of them very positive (here and here). It will appear sometime this summer in Big Pulp, a new online magazine that looks very interesting. Obviously they have good taste in stories.

I have eight stories out right now. Four of them are old, but the other four were written within the last few months. As the new ones come back, I think I'm going to send them out only to pro markets and see what happens. Last year I started to assume that I can't sell to pro markets yet, but I think I'm about there now. Not that I'm the best writer evar or anything, but my writing definitely improved during the latter half of 2007, and hopefully it'll continue to improve.*

*except in White Rose, where I allow sentences like this prize piece of corn: "Tallander stared at the bird [a crow spy, of course], and his expression grew grim."

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