Sunday, January 20, 2008

First sale of 2008

I just got the acceptance email, which made my day. Byzarium has accepted "Silent Skies," although I don't know which issue it'll be in yet. This is a story I had decided to retire after it was rejected three whole times, back before I realized being rejected by--let me look here--one pro market, one semi-pro market, and a quarter-final placement in Writers of the Future--didn't mean the story, you know, sucked. I like this one a lot, too, so I'm glad it will have a handsome home.

I just realized that I don't have any kind of FTP set up on my laptop, and I'm not savvy enough to install it using Linux. I had trouble enough setting up FTP on my old XP computer with step-by-step instructions from my brother on how to do it. So I can't update my website with the sale, darn it. Maybe I can use my mom's computer to do it next weekend.

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