Monday, January 14, 2008

The most boringest job in the world...

I has it.

Oh well, it's a job. And it's not like it's, you know, hard or anything. A trained monkey could do this job, and they wouldn't even need to change the payrate because I'm already working for peanuts. **rimshot**

I have a second story up at AnthologyBuilder, "Final Episode," which I do adore. It came THIS CLOSE to being published at Strange Horizons--one of the editors said he loved it, that he had tears in his eyes after reading it, that he fought for it, but the other editors thought it was just too slight. I sold it to the 2007 Triangulations anthology, End of Time, which netted me the most money I've ever made from a piece of fiction so far. Not that this is saying much, but you know.

I saw The Great Debaters yesterday, and highly recommend it. Excellent movie! They'll heap Oscars all over it next year. Which reminds me--I watched the stripped-down Golden Globes last night, and frankly I wish they'd do it that way every year. I did kind of miss the goofy outfits, but on the other hand--no acceptance speeches.

I got not quite 700 words written over lunch--not great, but it's better than nothing. The trouble with writing at lunch is that I have to go back to my achingly dull data entry job just when I really start to hit my stride writing-wise. My brain is a lot more interesting than data entry. But then, anyone's brain is more interesting than data entry.

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