Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anonymous p0wnzrz teh internetz

If I didn't read the cool kids' blogs, I wouldn't have any idea of what's going on out there in the big wide internet. Probably everyone who drops by the clunkily-named Noisy Typewriter to see what I'm up to (hi, Richard) already knows all about this, just like everyone knew about lolcats before me. But I just found out and I'm all excited.

I read it first on Elizabeth Bear's blog. There's a person, or a group, or an entity out there determined to take down the Church of Scientology! I am all over that, even if I do enter the Writers of the Future contest religiously (only tangentially affiliated, I've been assured). They're spreading their message with viral videos like this one, and it's so totally awesome, dude, that it makes me talk like a TMNT and jump around in excitement, because life just got a lot more like a video game, didn't it?

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