Thursday, January 3, 2008

Overheard at the county clerk's office

I got my new license plate today, and while I was waiting I overheard a pregnant woman say, "This kid is loving spicy food--the hotter the better. I swear he's going to look like a monkey when he's born, all covered in hair."

I got my thousand words in for the day, and wrote my piece of doggerel--I mean, wrote the ballad. I didn't want to resort to anything quite so obvious as heroic couplets, or ABAB CDCD and so on, so I ended up with a complicated rhyme scheme with lots of internal rhymes. Bad idea. I wasted a lot of time muttering, "ands, bands, cans, Dan's, fans...." after I'd used up stands, lands, and hands, and still needed one more line. At one point I got sick of it and typed "da da da da da da da ands" as a filler, but I went back and fixed it before I finished. I only did two stanzas really, plus a repeating chorus that changes slightly every time, but I'll add another stanza later that will turn out to be Hugely Significant, that the bard is keeping from Rose at the moment.

I'd post the ballad here, but it stinks.

I've decided to give the elf prince some kind of kink to make him more fun to write. Maybe he has a foot fetish.

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