Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ice and websites

We had freezing rain sweep through the region this morning. On my way to my mom's house, where my dog Jasper stays while I'm at work, I heard the traffic reporter say that over 50 wrecks had been reported in Knoxville already. So instead of dropping the dog off and driving on into Knoxville where I work, I stayed at my mom's house until after eleven, when it had warmed up and wasn't so icy.

While I was hanging around eating everything my mom had in her kitchen (she buys much more interesting food than I do), I messed around on her computer and got Core FTP set up. Also Nvu, since I like that editor. And I updated my website, which otherwise wouldn't have gotten done for at least another week--probably longer. It's still excruciatingly dull, but at least it's up to date.

Now I have to finish my day's 1,000 words, even though I would much rather go to bed and work logic puzzles. But writers write, even crap like White Rose, so I'll stay up a little longer and write. Or at least type.

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