Sunday, January 13, 2008

The last hours of freedom

I start my new job tomorrow. It will be great to have money coming in to pay my bills (although it doesn't pay all that well--but it's better than nothing). On the other hand, I'm going to really miss having long lovely hours in which to write. I have actually gotten quite a lot done in the last two weeks. I've written 15,000 words of White Rose, revised one story, finished another, and partially rewritten a third (when I say rewritten, I mean actually rewritten, without even reading the original version). Oh, and I wrote a 500-word flash too, although flash pieces almost don't count. (If I sell it to a pro market, it will count.)

I have an hour lunch at my new job. I'll be taking my laptop and packing a lunch, and I will make it clear to my new coworkers that I use my lunch break to write, not to socialize. This is only a temp job anyway, so I don't care much about making friends.

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