Sunday, January 6, 2008

Reading and writing

I had big plans for the day, but they were derailed. I went to the used book store to get some research books--the corniest, most cliched fantasies I could find. I thought I could read them and get some ideas. But I couldn't find anything I could stand to read; every one I picked up started off SO S-L-O-W that I gave up after a few pages. It's a firm rule with me that I will not bother reading a book if I don't learn who the main character is within a paragraph or two. So I didn't buy any fantasies, but I did pick up The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

And then I got to read half of it, because when I got out to my car I had a nearly-flat tire and it took two hours for me to get it fixed. And it was only a faulty air valve; just think how long I would have waited if I'd actually had to get a new tire or something.

So I had to give up my plans of reading part of a corny fantasy, working on a map for my own corny fantasy (more on that probably tomorrow), and spending the rest of the afternoon working on revisions to a short story. But since I am STILL unemployed, I guess I can do all that tomorrow. In between starving to death and making arrangements to move into a cardboard box.

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