Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anthologies R Fun, with linkage

Today I got the anthology I built at, and it looks great! It's printed through Lulu, and they always do a good job (I have a comic available on Lulu, incidentally, and my mom has a collection of hysterically funny essays, and my LJ friend Barbara Kelley has a collection of her charming essays too--so I'm pretty familiar with Lulu).

I'm not sure that paragraph could have held many more links.

I love anthologies, especially themed ones. I'm all excited about getting my copies of the Black Dragon, White Dragon and the Desolate Places anthologies, both due out very soon--the former from Ricasso Press, the latter from Hadley Rille Books. I can't wait to see how other writers handled the themes. I happen to know that both anthos are at the printers, so it shouldn't be long.

In non-anthology and non-interesting news, I've had a headache all day and a skunk seems to have been run over very close to my house. This is not a good combination. Skunk stink = headache from hell anyway. In self-defense, I think I'd better take a hot shower and go to bed to watch Mythbusters. I'll take Bunny the laptop with me (to bed, I mean, obviously not in the shower) so I can pretend to get some work done too.


seaslug_of_doom said...

Is your new anthology for sale? Cause meesa buys it.

K.C. Shaw said...

Yeah, you can buy it and also change it around if you want. I read about half of it last night and I must say, I picked some good stories. But as the kids say, YMMV.

I included my two stories in the anthology (of course) and read them over last night, and dammit if there isn't a formatting problem with "Final Episode." Two paragraphs are transposed near the end of the story. It doesn't make a big difference with readability, but it's annoying--and also my fault. And it can't be changed. So be warned.

Anonymous said...
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