Friday, April 25, 2008

April, redux

One more week of April left--this year is going fast. Everything in my yard is growing like gangbusters, the dogwoods are in full bloom, I'm going to have some roses soon (I can't wait to see what color they turn out to be!), and it's warm enough that I've taken the extra blanket off the bed and gone down one step in my nightclothes warmth scale (I'm wearing the cream-colored pajamas with the rose print). The trees are already taking on the deep green of summer. Summer in East Tennessee starts in May. Soon the cicadas will wake up and start their summer songs.

This time last year I'd just sold my third story ever and, as a result, realized that the first two sales weren't a fluke. Every time I make a sale, I still think, "Whew, I guess those others weren't a fluke." I suspect I'll be thinking that even after I have book contracts and a thousand true fans.

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