Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ensemble Theft

I just watched the last disc in my box set of Gundam Wing. I've been watching the whole series on and off for a month or two--or rewatching it, actually, since I first got hooked around 2001 or so when the show was still new.

It's an excellent show. It doesn't make any damn sense and the characters all pontificate about pacifism and the meaningfulness of battles, usually while they're actually fighting, but it's addictive anyway. I like the five Gundam pilots--they're interesting characters and play off each other in interesting ways.

In fact, every time I watch the show, I catch myself considering how I can steal those character types and work them into a fantasy novel. I hesitate to do this not because of the morality of it but because I'm so lousy at writing scenes with more than three characters in them. That's something I need to work on before I turn to a life of intellectual crime.

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