Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rejections make me happy

I got two rejections today and I'm thrilled! Activity at last on the huge pile of pendings (my Duotrope listing has so much red on it, it looks like it escaped from Shaun of the Dead).

The first reject was from Writers of the Future, which as you recall I sent back in January. That means I'm among the first to hear back--just an honorary mention (formerly called quarter finalist), but it frees up that story to be sent elsewhere. I shot it out to Heliotrope. Why not?

The second reject was my extra-long former-semi-finalist story back from IGMS. I got a personal response, which I will now reproduce in its entirety so you understand why I'm so freaking happy at this reject: "I am going to pass because I've got very few spots available for stories this long and I'm already bought into next year. But I like your writing style very much and hope you'll submit something shorter (under 8,000 words) soon." That story goes out again Saturday (I need to buy manila envelopes first), probably to Asimov's.

I've got some good story ideas stewing at the moment, one of them the humorous urban fantasy romance novella for Samhain's anthology, but they all need some time to gel before I start the actual writing. Fortunately, I seem to be in a revising phase at the moment anyway.

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Cate Gardner said...

First off, sorry to hear about your recent rejections. And second, I agree, sometimes it's good just to hear back and especially when you get good comments.