Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing on my lunch break

I only get half an hour for lunch at my current job (although I do get to leave at 4:30, which is nice). That's still enough time to unpack Bunny the Adorable Miniature Laptop and do a little bit of writing. I've started bringing microwave soup for lunch, the kind you drink through the lid, because I can type in between swigs.

Sometimes it feels odd, though, switching from work-thinking to writing-thinking without actually leaving my cubical. One minute I'm data entering with the best of them, the next minute I'm writing a tricky scene in which someone gets killed with an axe.


Cate Gardner said...

You're going to HATE me. First off I don't get a lunch but that has something to do with the fact I finish work at 2:00 (woo-hoo!), though I do have to start at 7:30 (groan).

K.C. Shaw said...

Oooooh, lucky you! I want those hours!