Thursday, April 10, 2008

You have a sleep debt to repay, Sparrow.

I've got to get a decent night's sleep tonight. And here it is after eight already, although I am actually ready for bed. It's a warm evening, dusky-dark right now with wind stirring the newly-leafed trees. We might get a little rain before morning, I think. I plan to keep the windows open tonight, which means I have to adjust my night attire carefully because it's going be chilly by morning.

I have an embarrassing number of nightgowns and pajama sets, and I wear different ones according to how cold I think I'll get at night. I don't like being cold at all. My lightest is a pretty leaf-green sleeveless short nightgown--I wore it last night, but it'll be too cool tonight so I have on my next-lightest, a full-length, sleeveless white cotton nightgown. My warmest is a set of dark blue cotton-blend longjohns with tiny silver stars all over them. If I need anything warmer than that, I layer.

Ah, my talk of nightclothes has had the soporific effect I was hoping for (probably for my readers too), and I'm going to bed. And this post's title? I plan to watch part of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 while I work a logic puzzle before turning out the light, that's what.

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