Friday, April 11, 2008

I didn't mean to bait and switch, really

I got an email this morning from the market that has that story that made the semi-finals of the WotF contest. At least, I thought they had it, but apparently I forgot to attach it. Doh! But the editor very kindly said if I send it, she'll look at it as soon as possible. So I sent it and hopefully it won't take another three months to hear back.

Except...remember how a few weeks ago I revised a story and added a big chase scene? Yeah, it's that story. I was waiting for the reject to send it out elsewhere but now, well, the original market has the revised version after all. Maybe they'll like it. Maybe they won't notice that my cover letter says 10,700 words and my manuscript says 13,100 words. Oops.


Camille Alexa said...

I have grown to hate the 'send' button. Also, her sneaky younger brother, the 'attach files' button.

K.C. Shaw said...

I checked my original outgoing message to them and sure enough, no attachment. If I was clever enough, I'd write a program that would make a box pop up and say "are you SURE?" every time I hit send.