Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Creepy Neighbor

I have a creepy neighbor. He's actually quite nice, the son of the man who lives next door, and he also happens to be yet another former high school chum who I don't actually remember.

I can't decide if he lives next door with his dad or what. Because he's always in the yard.

I don't like this, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, he smokes, and I can't stand the smell. For another thing, he's my age, or maybe a year older, and he looks really old. No one my age should be gray where he isn't bald, and portly and tired-looking too. Maybe he's decrepit because he smokes. But mostly, I don't like that he's always in his/his dad's yard because I'm always at my computer and the window right above it looks out on the next door yard.

Oh, and the guy has designs on my forsythia bush, in that he has already indicated a desire to chop it down. It's my forsythia bush in my yard, pal, and it's not touching your precious yard, so mitts off. And put that cigarette out. And go inside or something so you don't distract me. I'm trying to write here.

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