Monday, April 28, 2008

New job! And more revisions.

I was offered a permanent job today, one I was really hoping I'd get, and I accepted it. I start Thursday! I'll be partly an admin person, partly a test proctor at a local community college. It doesn't pay very well but the benefits are great, and I fully intend to stay there until I retire or die.

I've gotten back into the novel revisions I've been working on, and discovered the reason for my stalling. I didn't realize I was putting off writing a scene where the main character is attacked in an alley and nearly raped when he's already injured and in bad health. It's not that I had a problem with writing the scene, which was pretty short and simple to write, it's that the main character Kristof--and this is written first person, so I'm very attune to what he feels and thinks--didn't want to narrate it. It's weird how that happens sometimes. But I wrote the scene, and now everything else is going well. Of course, I'll have to go back in later and rewrite it, because I think it's too short, but at least the rough draft is on paper. Or on screen, whatever.