Friday, April 18, 2008

Too busy to revise!

Today I worked out more of the revisions I'm planning, and I had intended to really get down to work tonight. I'm going to have to do a lot of slash and burn first--I suspect I'll end up cutting a good 20k words and rewriting them (again)--and that's time intensive.

But I forgot I had way too much to do tonight. Tomorrow I'll be demonstrating handspinning at the Rossini Festival in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee from noon to 2pm, so if you're in town come by and say hello to me. To get ready, I had to wind a bunch of yarn into skeins for sale as sample handspun yarn (those are donations for the Tenn. Valley Handspinners Guild), and I had to get my stuff ready to sell (still haven't labeled the damn HAT or found a basket for the sheep), and I had to get all my other stuff ready to take with me (mostly wool and M&Ms). I also had to print out the 60-page story I've decided to send to F&SF tomorrow, after doing one last round of revisions on it (only managed to cut 150 words, though). Oh, and tomorrow's my mom's birthday too. I've promised to refinish her wooden lawn chairs and mow her lawn tomorrow, and tomorrow morning we're going to brunch, and Sunday we're going to a movie.

I may never get to do these revisions. I suppose...sleep is optional?

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