Saturday, April 12, 2008

No news is good news

I ran errands today and went shopping with my mother, and walked with her down by the river where it's green and bluebirds are nesting, and I found the year's first tick crawling on my arm. It was a great day despite a caffeine-headache this afternoon, somewhat alleviated by a mug of very strong tea that will probably keep me up tonight. I have got to get off caffeine again.

Natter, natter--anyway, I've received no emails at all from any editors. That means no one rejected any of my stories today. See? I can be positive about getting no feedback.

I intended to write this morning, but it was such a glorious spring day that I didn't feel like doing anything that smacked of work. Now I'm feeling guilty about that, but my head still aches and I feel like I'm getting an upset stomach too--there's something to look forward to--so I think it might be better to go to bed and watch the rest of Murder by the Book, which is sort of related to writing. Very tangentially.

I never realized how exciting my life was before I started blogging about it.

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